Our Covid Control Strategy

Wondering if a site visit at Svasa Homes is safe during these times? Rest assured, we have taken every possible care and precaution to ensure that you and your family are absolutely safe and protected during your visit with us.

Special Covid Measures
Here are some processes we have implemented for our visitors at Svasa Homes. Each process has been designed and implemented to introduce uncompromised safety standards as part of the Svasa experience.
Svasa Homes
Zero-Contact Tour Experience
The entire tour experience at Svasa Homes is contact-free from start to finish. This ensures maximum safety for all our visitors every step of the way.
Svasa Homes
Self-Declaration Process
A mandatory self-declaration questionnaire must be completed by all visitors coming to Svasa Homes for the first time. This is to minimise exposure risk even further.
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Sanitised Car for Pickup and Drop Off
Our meticulously sanitised cars ensure no visitor has to book high-risk public transport or cabs to reach us. We will pick you and drop you back to your home with absolute safety in mind.
Svasa Homes
Main Gate Protocols
Every visitor must go through compulsory body temperature checks and sanitisation process before entering Svasa’s premises.
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Fully Sanitised Staff
All our staff at Svasa Homes are put through body temperature checks twice a day and multiple sanitisation processes to ensure absolute health safety for our visitors at all times.
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Mandatory Registration of Aarogya Setu App for Staff
All our staff at Svasa Homes have registered on the Aarogya Setu app which enables them to track risk factors around the clock for the safety of our visitors.
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Frequent Sanitisation of Common Areas
Every common area at Svasa Homes undergoes the highest quality professional sanitisation process throughout the day. All elevators at Svasa Homes are frequently sanitized throughout the day including the lift buttons and panels. The designated liftman is the only one authorized to touch lift buttons.
Svasa Homes
Tour Safety Protocols
Wearing masks and complying with social distancing norms are mandatory for both visitors and staff. No tour is initiated without these measures in place.
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Ample Sanitisers at Regular Intervals
Sanitisation stations are kept at regular stops throughout the tour circuits and in all common areas to increase sanitisation instances for the safety of our visitors and staff. We also provide complimentary sanitiser handrubs and face masks to every visitor.
Svasa Homes Svasa Homes
We are proud to say our special Covid measures have ensured that no resident at Svasa Homes has tested positive until now. Your safety is our topmost priority. We work hard to ensure you’re protected in the best ways possible.
Special Covid Measures Implemented for the Community
Svasa Homes has been one of the most prepared and proactive residential communities in Bangalore to take speedy action during the Covid lockdown. We were one of the first residential projects to implement special protocols to protect our residents, staff, and prospective buyers from the pandemic.
Creation of Emergency Response Team
An Emergency Response Team (ERT) within the community consisting of residents, committee members and key society staff is set up to combat the pandemic and bring residents immediate help in case of emergency.
Svasa Homes
Provision of Industry-Grade Face Shields
Industrial face shields manufactured by our parent company (SSS Springs) were distributed to Svasa Homes residents as an extra precautionary measure during the initial days of the pandemic. These face shields have also been officially employed by frontline workers and police task forces in Bangalore due to their superior quality and safety standards.
Svasa Homes
Special Housekeeping Services & Protocols
During the advent of the pandemic, the entire Svasa Homes housekeeping team was housed inside the premises to ensure safety for both the residents and the staff. This enabled Svasa Homes to provide seamless housekeeping support to individual homes during a time when no other residential project allowed service staff to enter the premises.
Svasa Homes
On-Demand Apartment Sanitisation
We collaborate with certified vendors who provide industry-grade disinfection and sanitisation services for our residents’ apartments.
Svasa Homes
Face Recognition Entry System for Staff
Every staff’s entry and exit is closely monitored and approved using an advanced face recognition system. This futuristic technology eliminates the need for manual sign-ins and sign-outs, leading to a 100% contact-free process.
Svasa Homes
Other Pandemic-Ready Measures at Svasa Homes
Above and beyond Covid, Svasa Homes is also proud of several security features that distinguish us as one of Bangalore’s most secure residential projects.
100% Power Backup
The powerful generator backup at Svasa Homes provides uninterrupted power supply to our residents at all hours. This is an indispensable feature for our residents’ work-from-home requirements.
Uninterrupted Water Supply
Svasa Homes is equipped with water supply in case of a sudden lockdown scenario. With 3 borewells and Cauvery water connection, Svasa Homes is designed to never run out of water during any crisis. An additional 200 litres of reserved emergency drinking water leads to complete peace of mind for all our current and future residents.
Work table
Dedicated Work-From-Home Lounge
The Karya lounge at Svasa Homes is exclusively designed for work-from-home, meetings, and conferences. This plush Wifi-enabled workspace is a great asset for the times ahead.
Unlimited Availability of Pure Air
Being located next to the legendary Ramakrishna Math with 15 acres of green cover ensures availability of the purest pollution-free air for good health and tranquillity of mind.
Svasa Car Fleet
Our dedicated luxury cars and drivers are fully sanitised and at the service of our residents round the clock. This ensures our residents are not exposed to cabs and other modes of public transport.
Regular Online Fitness and Kids’ Activity Sessions
The rigorous fitness sessions and kids’ activities conducted online by the in-house gym trainers and experts at Svasa Homes make sure every family is leading an active lifestyle despite staying indoors throughout the day.
Speak to Us About Your Concerns
If you wish to ask any specific questions or speak with us personally about any safety concern, please reach out to us: