The Perfect Work-Life Equilibrium Ever Attained

Posted by Svasa Author on Nov 28, 2019 10:20:25 AM

Over the ages, the word ‘work’ has become synonymous with a monotonous 9-to-5 schedule. This unfavourable perception towards office-life has grown with the passing eras that changed concepts and ideologies in accordance with the prevalent global trend. Since the industrial era, the phrase ‘work-life balance’ was unheard of. Then in the era of baby boomers (those born in the 1940s to 1960s), the daily eight-hour grind was an expected part of life. Today, all such norms and conventions are being broken on a daily basis in an attempt to create a world of individualistic self-governance.

So, the fundamental question that has harrowed every working professional over the years is - what exactly is work-life balance? Does work-life balance stop at giving equal importance to both work life and personal life? Perhaps it only starts there. The end goal of work-life balance isn’t about finding only balance. It’s about finding fulfilment. Ergo, the much-hyped balance is only the means and not the end.

While 9-to-5 office workers still exist, for the most part, an increasing number of professionals are eschewing the conventional work dynamic to engage with work on their own terms, timelines, and turfs. As lives get busier and hassled, striking a balance between work and other aspects of life becomes an arduous task in itself. Since the days of the Vedas, enlightened sages and free thinkers have constantly stressed the importance of bringing balance to every aspect of one’s life. In order to feel a semblance of fulfilment, the average person faces an uphill task of assigning adequate time and energy to nurture their social life, leisure activities, and other pursuits that lead to a truly content life.

Working from home is only one way to help cultivate a lifestyle that leads to contentment, but it is a drop in the ocean compared to all the lifestyle elements constituting a fulfilling life. Much is influenced by one’s home, for its positives and negatives inevitably shape one’s way of living. Imagine a concept of living that comes with space dedicated for work, adorned with functional and aesthetic elements that enhance productivity. Not to mention a concierge service to address every whim, both work-related or otherwise, that makes your daily routine a lot more pleasant. In a community equipped with spaces, features, and amenities that make an uneventful day seem like one straight out of a fairy tale, attaining the perfect balance seems a lot more plausible. Svasa Homes is a living experience designed for a lifestyle that not only puts the problem of work-life balance to rest but brings utmost equilibrium to every single aspect of living.

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