Tapovana: A Mystical Garden Inspired By Vedic Groves

Posted by Svasa Author on Oct 14, 2019 10:40:13 AM
Tapovana is a concept dating back all the way to the Vedic era. Derived from the combination of Sanskrit words for austerity (tapas) and forest (vana), Tapovana refers to a mythical forest of contemplation where the sages of yore sought peace and fulfilment. While not a specific forest, Tapovana refers to any place where people engage in contemplation. The fact that meditation is best accentuated with elements of nature is why it is generally done amidst lush greenery. The fast-paced lifestyle of today’s denizens spares no time to slow down and think, let alone meditate.

As our cities spread and develop, they do so at the cost of lush spaces where nature exists in all its untamed glory. Progress is necessary, but one must find balance. Bengaluru has long since claimed the title ‘Garden City of India’, though its position is threatened by the unprecedented growth brought on by the surge in population. While this is a step forward for the city in many ways, it now stands at a fork in the road. The choice made here is an important one going beyond titles and statuses.

Across the world, many businesses and institutions acknowledge the importance of preserving and nurturing green spaces in urban areas. Apart from traditional terrace gardens and community landscaping, property developers discover newer and more interesting ways to beautify dense cities with greenery. One such example is the living wall, where nearly the entire outer facade of a building is covered with plant life. These may seem like extreme measures for some, but the importance of growing green cover in our increasingly urbanised world is manifold.

While its widely known that trees and plants provide oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide resulting in lower temperatures, research shows that more greenery directly improves the mental and physical health of those living near it. Studies have shown that people in neighbourhoods with higher tree density not only felt significantly healthier but also showed much lower rates of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it is also suggested that areas and rooms with more greenery have less noise pollution. Studies claim strategically placed plants can actually help reduce noise. Leafy plants, in particular, help to muffle sounds and make your home a more quiet and peaceful place.

Combining these beneficial aspects of nature with ancient concepts of wellbeing, Svasa Homes features Tapovana, a carefully crafted haven of natural elements in the middle of Bengaluru. With only natural plants and trees, Tapovana is designed in the style of Balinese landscape by renowned Balinese landscape artist Anton Clarke. The Tapovana garden thrums with life, from the lush diverse flora to the calming waters of a lotus pond and the playful Koi fish that inhabit it. Every aspect of Tapovana imbues residents with an aura of peace and rejuvenation. Tapovana is a retreat in itself with pathways for long walks, quiet nooks for peaceful contemplation, and dedicated spaces for community gatherings. Imagine losing yourself in nature’s embrace in your own backyard, it’s difficult to picture especially for one living in Bengaluru. With more awareness, care and action, it may not be such a far-fetched idea for Bengaluru to remain the Garden City of India forever.

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