Reviving Vedic Principles For Today's Impact Makers

Posted by Svasa Author on Nov 8, 2019 4:31:47 PM

The ancient Indian civilization was a time of great significance and progress. The erudite sages of the age delved into subjects and thoughts that required a level of gumption and dedication that was way beyond the ability of the common man. The sages determinedly pursued knowledge and truths on the origin of existence, the concept of self, the duality of good and evil, generosity of the soul, and many other profound themes of life. These thoughts they discussed, debated, and immortalized in the form of scriptures greatly revered to this day - the Vedas.

The Vedas comprise four sacred Hindu texts - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda. Packed with stories and hymns varying in themes such as life, existence, and worship, the Vedas are considered one of the oldest bodies of knowledge in the world offering philosophies that hold true even today. While delving deep into heftier topics, the Vedas also cherish the simpler yet important aspects of a wholesome life such as goodness, philanthropy, and more. More than anything, the Vedic texts aim to nurture impact and fulfilment in an endeavour to uplift the very nature of human existence.

Together, the four Vedic texts hold enough power and wisdom for an individual to effect paradigm-shifting impact in their own life and the world. In their own simple yet profound way, the Vedic sages tackled some of life’s most ineffable concepts while moulding common sense and practicality into a way of living. Imbibing these philosophies allows one to view the world through a clearer, brighter lens. It shows how thinking selflessly creates not only a better world outside but a purer one within the Self. This is the path to true fulfilment.

One might ask, why is fulfilment important for impact makers. The lack of time, peace, and mind space pose challenges to an impactful way of life today, throwing us in a cycle of discontent. The irony is that the Vedas contain solutions to this conundrum. It’s a simple and arduous endeavour to break free from this seemingly irreversible rut - fortitude and determination aided by an environment crafted for higher living and an experience of absolute fulfilment. Svasa Homes is a concept of living that revives Vedic principles to facilitate one’s journey to profound impact and completeness. Every space is designed to, together, enable attainment of this elevated pursuit in myriad ways and methods. Using Vedic principles as guidelines inspire the individual to transcend the mundane gains of everyday life in search of a greater purpose. Therein lies the catalyst to encourage one to impact the world for the better.



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