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How the Best Gated Communities can Transform India

Oct 6, 2020


17.1 Svasa HomesSvasa Homes


Gated Communities are an Ancient Concept

Gated residential communities are no new thing. The concept has existed for a long time in one form or another. Even during times of cavemen, the cave, in many respects, played the role of a rudimentary gated community offering togetherness and security to a set of people. Down the chronology of human history, gated communities touched the skies and assumed astronomical proportions. They began to include plush apartments, villas, sky villas, clubhouses and a bouquet of features that made life complete. 

A gated community, by its very virtue, bestows one a sense of wellbeing. The idea of living inside a secured environment with a closed group of people who are there to protect each other is a proposition far too desirable for many. Which explains why more homebuyers prefer gated communities to standalone real estates even today. 


The Power of a Community

Philosophically put, a community can be many things. In the real world, community refers to a collection of individuals and families living in a specific place or region. In the bigger sense, a community not only includes families but entire villages and towns. A community flourishes through the strength of its members, their activities, traditions, dreams and ideals. The collective actions and thoughts of its members define the community’s identity. It’s interesting to note that humans thrive at their best only when each individual is an actively contributing member of their community, working for the betterment of one another. 

When one is actively involved in a closely-knit community, it’s hard not to be influenced by the actions and achievements of your fellow residents, especially when their doings create a profound impact on society. A member of the community is greatly influenced by the perceptions, actions, and ideas of others within the same community. They inspire and influence one another to do great things. In other words, greatness inspires greatness. And it’s all the truer when you live in a community brimming with extraordinary individuals.


17.2 Tapovana - AmphitheatreTapovana - Amphitheatre


Your Community Matters

The rise of luxury gated communities in India that included more homes, features, and possibilities turned the population into discrete parcels. These gated communities became micro societies with their own rules, codes of conduct, and ethos. Every gated community is a self-sufficient unit capable of running on its own. 

What truly unifies the community is the shared mindset among its members. The feeling of engaging with others who are at your wavelength and empathise with your thoughts and aspirations is an aspect that’s hard to come by in the world outside. In other words, it really matters who you live next to. It matters, more than any other features and amenities, who your neighbours are and how they think. 

If a residential community is replete with individuals who think a certain way, the community will reflect the same. This makes the community more than just a community. It makes the community a storehouse of potential and possibilities.

Imagine a group of thought leaders and impact makers living together. A collection of powerful people whose decisions impact society every day. A coterie of influential magnates who ponder a social problem and set out to solve it. 


A Unique Community with a Lofty Dream

Svasa Homes is an interesting case study as a residential community because it brings together business leaders and changemakers to live together in perfect harmony. Sprawled over a three-acre land in Basavanagudi, this gated community sets an example in curating a collection of residents who are capable of bringing about incredible socioeconomic changes. Residents of the Svasa community are family business owners with a vision or self-made entrepreneurs who strive to make a difference in the world beyond business impact.         

When considering a community of thought leaders, realising the potential to create large-scale impact boggles the mind. At Svasa Homes, one’s way of life is elevated to planes unimagined. A collection of extraordinary individuals with a network beyond political boundaries can work wonders, especially when equipped with features as exclusive as a dedicated business lounge, concierge service, and curated events with subject matter experts. The Svasa community is one that possesses the power to shape neighbourhoods, societies, and lives for good.

The Svasa community is a carefully handpicked collection of individuals who empower and inspire each other. The individuals of the community constantly exchange ideas and are continually energised in each other’s presence. Imagine living among exemplary individuals whose accomplishments inspire awe. A community whose residents share a common mindset. A community that collectively helps each other grow, collaborate, and prosper. 


Real-World Impact of Powerful Gated Communities

Today, residential communities are microcosms with the power to create an impact on a global level. Nothing is truer when speaking of the Svasa Homes community, where literally every member is a powerhouse of immense knowledge, ability, and connections. With a collective so impactful, there is no hurdle or dilemma that cannot be overcome. Of course, there exist similar communities around the world with likely the same potential for groundbreaking change. Countries can be saved from hunger, children everywhere can access quality education, global warming may become a distant memory, economies can flourish, the possibilities are endless. Harnessing the power of a truly impactful residential community can lead to the world becoming a much better place.

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