Earning Currencies More Valuable Than Money

Posted by Svasa Author on Oct 31, 2019 12:54:26 PM

The pursuit of happiness is often likened to the amassing of wealth in the hopes of reaching a stage where one can find true fulfilment. Money is doubtlessly essential to survive, let alone thrive, in the modern world. Though folk today get caught up in the chase, giving way for lesser ideals such as prestige and status to cloud their judgement and lead them to superficial gains. Since the dawn of civilization, wisemen have repeatedly spoken of aspiring towards greater goals and looking outside of oneself. By no means is fulfilment a foregone conclusion, but there exist certain thoughts and actions that genuinely lead to peace of mind and make life a lot more fulfilling.

Every want arises due to an intrinsic need to be fulfilled. The ways in which one can be fulfilled vary to a certain degree, but they all find common ground in happiness. There are many tales of those who remain unhappy even when they possess wealth, power, success, beauty, etc. This is because their actions seek a lesser form of fulfilment. What does it mean to be truly happy?

The human civilization has finally discovered a time, almost out of serendipity, when money no longer remains the most important currency. Truth be told, it’s probably the least important of all. Time, energy, impact, and social connections are outsmarting the note in today’s context. However, these alternate currencies can’t be earned the way one earns money. One needs to adopt a new way of living and thinking to earn energy and time. One needs to go beyond one’s own interests to earn impact. One needs to transcend beyond one’s own bubble to create a better world.

The central idea of existence has always been fulfilment. Until some time ago it was money that enabled fulfilment. However, the emergence of social media and a certain transparency and candidness it brought to the world opened a new realm of influence. Today, the super rich and affluent are those who people follow, those who inspire millions, and those who the world loves to hear about. It’s no longer about who has the most bank funds.

It’s with these alternate currencies that true fulfilment can be acquired. If money could buy fulfilment, the world’s richest people would have been the happiest. Unfortunately, that’s far from true. If life’s greatest attainment is a ceaseless and seamless flow of fulfilment, it’s time we make better choices about what we earn and how we earn them.

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