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Designing Luxury Homes for Visionaries and Thought Leaders

Jul 22, 2020

Visionaries and thought leaders need different kinds of luxury homes that are unique in their proposition.


Svasa Homes


True visionaries are few. Since time immemorial, Mother Nature has gifted the world with visionaries and presented them with an incredible responsibility - to build the world, one vision at a time. Visionaries are often unknown and unnoticed, but their work and their musings help create foundations and organisations, megastructures and human innovations. Perhaps they don’t feature at the forefront of existence, but they are the ones who have given us everything from fire to technology, from vaccines to aeroplanes. The world is indebted to visionaries who saw things no one else could. 

A visionary possesses the rare ability to think and act well beyond the capabilities of most. They often have a world of their own brimming with imagination and surging with the power of pure creativity. Truth be told, they belong in the future. They can emerge from anywhere regardless of social status, financial means, or family background. Shaped by personal experiences and circumstances of daily life, they strive to work towards something greater than themselves. 

The madding world often takes its worst toll on such visionaries. Daily chores, wastage of energy and time, and cramped mindspace prevent them from achieving their life’s real purpose. They lose their inspiration - and, let’s face it, inspiration is sometimes easy to lose - in the midst of cacophony. Their life’s biggest ideas holding incalculable potential slowly trickle down the drain. If only there existed special spaces and products designed for visionaries, they’d be inspired and enabled to achieve their true potential. And, in turn, the world might be a better place than we know it.


Svasa Homes Bodhi Library

Model Apartment - Type B


The actual workings of a visionary often begin at home. It’s from one’s comfort zone that great imaginations arise, great inspirations are found, and great visions are awakened. Unfortunately, most of the best luxury apartments today are cramped up to the core. Although they have plenty of exciting amenities, there is no sense of space and freedom. The more you pay, the more you get. But what if what you get means nothing to your inner beatitude or imagination? Such features would prove quite useless to a true visionary. 

Visionaries and thought leaders need ample space to express themselves. They need to be surrounded by aesthetic stimulations for constant inspiration. They need enriched learning centres that perpetually feed their curiosity. Visionaries also need to be around other visionaries to exchange dreams, visions, and ideas. They need to belong to a community that understands and nurtures them. Such residential communities and luxury homes are as rare as true visionaries. 

For the first time in real estate history, luxury home developers are contemplating homes that truly befit visionaries. The emergence of younger visionaries after the technology boom in Bangalore has left the real estate sector wanting for designer homes that inspire higher thinking. The best luxury apartments in Bangalore are now competing for a loftier position. 

Svasa Homes is a unique luxury home created for visionaries and thought leaders. Tucked in Basavanagudi’s cultural history, this residential community is designed for business leaders, thought leaders, and impact makers. 

With a residential community whose net worth is billions, some of the project’s standout features include a curated library with the world’s top business literature, gardens for contemplative walks, higher ceiling height for more space and freedom, and business units for conferences and work-from-home. Beyond the best apartments in Bangalore, or the greatest luxury homes ever made, visionaries deserve a home in which they can host a TED talk. 


Svasa Homes

Commonhouse - Bodhi Library


A community’s members can also shape and influence each other in myriad ways. One man’s experience is another man’s learning. Visionaries usually struggle to bring together unique pieces of information that contribute to their goal. This is where a highly curated residential community can make a difference.

A curated collection of residents consist of individuals who are inclined to think larger than life. There is no better inspiration for the visionary than those who relate to, envision, and uplift their grand ideas. In a community as elevated as Svasa Homes, visionaries can find and engage with others to not only nurture their own dreams but maybe even create new ones in collaboration with another. The Svasa Homes community brings together thought and business leaders from diverse subject areas to help residents tap into a vast pool of knowledge and information.

The need to live in a community is an evolutionary trait stemming from the dawn of civilization. We have sought the company of others for reasons of safety, sociality, exchange of ideas, and peace of mind. For the first time, luxury is taking on a higher definition in order to include individuals of great skill or vision. Luxury is no longer a word meant for the body and flesh. It’s more sublime than ever before. The higher luxury is all about having the mindspace to follow life goals. Luxury is harnessing the capability to bring groundbreaking change in the world. In the near future, luxury homes that are designed for life’s higher aspirations will alone prevail.

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