Curated Libraries Create Better Living Communities

Posted by Svasa Author on Sep 19, 2019 1:12:42 PM
Knowledge is power. An age-old saying that rings as true today as it did when it was first uttered. The written form of communication existed even before the ancient Egyptian civilization. Over the centuries, the written word has served to be the most reliable and precise form of recording and transferring knowledge. With the advent of trade and travel, cultures merged, precipitating the need for translation and interpretation. Knowledge enriches one’s life with values from the farthest reaches of the world. Folk from halfway across the globe may likely possess facts, practices and learnings that can elevate one’s life at home.

The world is filled with brilliant people thinking brilliant thoughts and doing brilliant things. Thankfully, centuries worth of human behaviour has made it second nature for individuals to jot down their precious ideas for the benefit of posterity. Today, there is no dearth of books and knowledge, so much so that one needs to delve through an ocean of irrelevant content to find what truly adds value. It would be a boon if someone were to spend time to search, analyze and choose a selection that consisted of only the cream of the literary crop. Such convenience is a rare luxury afforded to a privileged few.

The Bodhi library at Svasa Homes features a curated collection of over 2000 books ranging from fictional literary masterpieces to world-renowned subject matter publications to research literature from top international business schools. Imagine a two-tiered library replete with spaces to gather, learn, and socialise. A tastefully crafted hall of learning that adds character to any home. Explore exclusive literature that can be accessed only by Svasa Homes residents, nurturing the community’s collective ‘thought leader’ status. Embellished with Saraswati-inspired art to evoke an ambience of erudition, Bodhi is thoughtfully designed as a homage to centuries of learning and knowledge.