Courtyard Home Design Makes A Comeback

Posted by Svasa Author on Oct 21, 2019 10:50:16 AM
The courtyard home design comes from the ancient architectural science of Vaastu Shastra which dictates that all living spaces emerge from a single, central point in the home. The classic courtyard home consists of a central courtyard space open to the sky, surrounded on three or all sides by living areas. Courtyards were a common feature in houses of the Indian subcontinent, crafted both for functional and aesthetic purposes. Being at the heart of a home’s layout, the courtyard connects all other spaces within a home. Dating back over 4500 years, the courtyard home design is an integral part of India’s heritage. It’s a piece of ancient history revered even today.

Having many names over the years depending on the region of the country you ask, the courtyard design combines practicality and playfulness in equal measure. Traditionally, the courtyard allows a perfect balance of privacy and community. Tailor-made for joint families, it is where families and friends can congregate and then retreat seamlessly to their respective spaces. It is a design so functionally magnificent that it transcends class, wealth, or status. From the humble abodes of the working class to the opulent palaces of royalty, the courtyard home design was everywhere.

Not to mention the various functional advantages the courtyard presented. The central open space facilitated cross-ventilation in the hot sub-tropical Indian weather, it allowed an accessible view for ceremonies and rituals, it separated men and women when necessary to afford privacy as needed, and it even enabled family businesses to engage in activities in a singular space for uninterrupted interactions. Usually with a tulsi plant placed in the middle, the open top of the courtyard filled homes with plentiful natural light, bringing a sensation of joy and upliftment in the household.

Despite several advantages, courtyard homes gave way to the needs of the present day. Apartment complexes force tens or hundreds of families to live within a few acres in an attempt to cope with the exponential rise in population. That said, the courtyard home design still exists in less-visited parts of the country, mostly in ancestral homes that have been maintained through generations. In homage to this lasting piece of Indian heritage, Svasa Homes features the courtyard home design for the first time in a modern high rise project. Heritage is a precious commodity which is easier to forget than preserve, but some things are worth the effort. Especially the timeless courtyard home design which is a part of India’s ancient architectural ingenuity. No wonder it’s making a surprising comeback in modern luxury projects.

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