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Can Entrepreneurs Work From Home and Also Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Aug 29, 2020


 Karya Lounge

Karya Business Lounge


Entrepreneurs often lead very different lives than those working in corporate businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur yourself you’re probably the only one who truly knows how much time you spend generating ideas, marketing, researching, and fundraising. And to top it all off, how much time you spend away from work thinking about…work. Harmony and work-life balance are not one of the things that entrepreneurs are known for. But maybe they should be known for it! 

Corporate companies today have invested heavily in making the office space more comfortable to spend long hours in, many have gyms, recreation centers, and even sleep pods. In the past few years, the modern office has gone through a number of evolutions from the changing of the cubicle setup to more open floor plans that provide a more inclusive and playful environment. Ping pong tables and foosball tables are now more common in offices everywhere.

The overall belief is that people at work need to be calm and comfortable to produce their best and most innovative work. This is because most people spend almost a third of their lives in the office. But is it really healthy to spend this much time at work? Does it really provide the final outcome of productivity and peace of mind?


 Model Apartment - Type B

Model Apartment - Type B


What if you could work from home in an environment that maximizes your ability to innovate and improves the overall sense of your wellbeing? Those who innovate for a living often live their work, not paying much attention to their living space. However, family business owners and entrepreneurs are often limited in their choices of how they live today. 

Svasa Homes is a specifically designed living space to fit an entrepreneur's lifestyle. We believe it’s important to create spaces for entrepreneurs to thrive, not just in a working environment but in the spaces where they live. A home that is designed for an entrepreneur can be a valuable investment and can in turn be conducive to your productivity, and support your dynamic lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs often thrive on flexibility. They often work from home or have a study, but we need to change some dynamics in order to allow them to do more than just work from their homes. Access to networking opportunities with similar-minded individuals, and potential investors can provide key market information and learnings, a guiding hand and can be extremely supportive to any entrepreneur.  Spaces that foster innovation are not phrases commonly associated with homes today, but at Svasa Homes, we hope to change that.


 Bodhi Library

Bodhi Library


Homes Created for Entrepreneurs, by an Entrepreneur 

Ravi Machani, an entrepreneur himself, understood the value of having a space that supports an entrepreneur's lifestyle. “We wanted to have a community that is buzzing together, not only because they enjoy each other's company, but because they can help each other out. We wanted the business community to be naturally motivated to help each other out by creating the right atmosphere to do so.”

“We wanted to catalyse and facilitate an atmosphere where entrepreneurs could easily share their learnings with each other, support each other and grow together. This is why we created spaces where they could have unique access to knowledge and resources that they could benefit from on a community level.”

At Svasa Homes we believe that giving our community of entrepreneurs ways to gain time can be priceless. We provide services that offer you daily ease of living and reduce the time it takes for you to complete daily tasks. We want to provide the right atmosphere to do what you really want, the time to innovate and be creative and work on things you're passionate about. 

Svasa Homes uses experience design to construct spaces that have a keen focus on health and wellbeing. The design has taken into account physical factors that can affect productivity like air quality, good lighting, and proximity to nature.  The courtyard design provides privacy as well as a way for entrepreneurs to network with their community and spend time with their families. Time spent alone, as well as time spent learning from others, has an equally important impact on your wellbeing and productivity.

“Today we are all caught up in a world where the pace is much faster due to information access and exchange. Knowingly or unknowingly we are all keeping up a frantic pace. The lines between home and office are blurred. We wanted to ensure that people had an opportunity to slow down and not travel distances in order to work, play, introspect, learn, or interact.”  - says Hima Reddy, design director of Svasa Homes

Scheduling your life's priorities and not only your work priorities can keep you happier and often more successful in the long run. Studies show that the business community may be less susceptible to burn out if they took the time to separate themselves from work and make time for the other aspects of life that give them purpose. 

We’ve created a space for entrepreneurs to live a holistic and balanced life. A balanced life can be created by paying attention to all areas of your life. At Svasa we’ve defined the five areas you should master to live a happy life.


Jivana Chakra


The wheel of life or the ” Jivana Chakra” as we call it, is made up of eight parts:

If you can attain your goals in each of these areas of your life, you are much more likely to to be a happier, successful person. Not only will you be happier, but you will be much more productive and innovative boosting your ability to make an impact on the world around you. 

We know the value entrepreneurs can gain through opportunities to network, fundraise, do market research, access mentorship, and share knowledge. We want to provide the right circumstances for this to happen organically. We use top industry standards to determine what works for business communities around the world and apply it. The magic happens when you combine our design, experience concierge, and external events in the right balance.

“Experiential learning is where the real value comes in. There are so many things you can learn only by applying it in real time, but there are some valuable lessons only to be learnt from generational trends and experience. It just makes sense to leverage somebody’s experience and their mistakes and their life lessons. Imagine the whole community learning together and from each other, it’s priceless”, says Ravi Machani, founder of Svasa Homes. 

At Svasa Homes we understand that innovators need spaces where they can exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. This is why we've created large and luxurious common spaces to encourage networking amongst those in the community. 

Being at the forefront of knowledge and research in business would be a priceless asset for any entrepreneur. Our library is embellished with over 2,000 carefully curated books and research literature from top business schools like IMD Switzerland. We’ve paid a lot of attention to even the smallest of details in our design to allow for more exclusivity, freedom, and inspiration. We want our community to reach their goals and make an impact on the world. 

“The library was designed to be a space where continuous learning can happen. There is nothing as precious to an entrepreneur or those in family businesses. Our concierge is fully equipped to host events at three different event spaces. These spaces also provide us a space to bring the best practices and networks that we’ve built in our business, to share with the community '' says Ravi Machani.


Stuart Diamond

Workshop on Negotiation by Stuart Diamond


Svasa Homes also regularly hosts business learning and networking events, both physical and virtual. We have entertainment areas where thought leaders can come together to network and participate in knowledge sharing to support the community. 

Our own business networks have given us access to some of the brightest minds in the business world. We’ve hosted negotiation workshops with Stuart Diamond,  an American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, professor, attorney, entrepreneur, and author who has taught negotiation for more than 20 years at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.

We organise multiple small group networking events and evening experiences to enable knowledge sharing and provide mentorship for the business community. Our learning events cover various topics like family business excellence and entrepreneurship with speakers like Dr. Peter Leach and Tatwamasi Dixit. 

Can the Space an Entrepreneur Lives In Boost their Personal Performance and Businesses?

KVS Prakash, a resident and CEO of global operations at Human Bio Sciences attests to the benefits found in working remotely from Svasa Homes. “I come down to the business lounge on a daily basis because of the travel restrictions in the city with COVID-19. It's a quieter working space where I can work stress free and get some time alone to finish my work. I can also invite people for meetings when necessary. The location is also extremely convenient for visitors as we’re right in the center of the city. The work from home atmosphere is incredible, plus it's like I'm living in a five star hotel!”

“The increased flexibility this provides me has reduced my need to commute so I can stay safely home. The surroundings of Svasa are always so peaceful that I get to spend some time alone in self-reflection as well as network with others from the community here. I actually met a very interesting investor from Singapore and we met because we were both working out of Karya Lounge. Today we are talking about several international business ventures together, and we’re in touch every day,’’ says KVS Prakash. 

Working from home often makes you more self driven in work and in projects you pursue. When you’re in the office with people working all around you, things often happen on auto pilot. Svasa Homes was designed to make a healthy work-life balance a reality. It enables you to spend more time with family instead of commuting and spending long hours at the office. The familiar space of your home will help you listen to your own body and its needs even more. 

It's time to take back control of your time and spend it more efficiently. It's time to learn to switch off and bask in nature and pay attention to your health. It's time to enjoy the company of your loved ones, and it's time to realise the value of time spent alone in self development.

In the future, we see working from home and remote jobs becoming the new norm. Many are already complaining that they've become “ZOOMbies” during this pandemic as working from home doesn't allow us to separate ourselves and physically leave work. Many are putting in extra hours and digital fatigue is more real now than ever. Many of us are in constant meetings back to back with less and less time to spend on our own, much less to take care of our fundamental human needs. “A lack of downtime after we’ve fulfilled work and family commitments may be another factor in our tiredness, while some of us may be putting higher expectations on ourselves due to worries over the economy,” says Manyu Jiang, a journalist at BBC news.

It's time we start to redefine what is truly efficient. To be successful in both arenas of home and office doesn’t mean you have to spend equal hours doing both.

It's about finding an equilibrium in your life that works for you. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction towards committing to make balance a reality. Take the time to figure out the parts of your life that you need to spend more time on. Hold yourself accountable to change what makes a difference for you. 

Today's society makes us think that we can only be successful when we sacrifice our health, personal time, and relationships for long work hours. But what is the purpose of all our success if we can't enjoy it with the ones we love or if we are too unhealthy to enjoy it? The more time we allocate for all aspects of our life, the more clarity, creativity, and improved ability we will have to make smarter business decisions. In the end, we know best about what truly matters to us, and today, it all comes down to making the time to do it.

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