Ancient Wisdom In Modern Living

Posted by Svasa Author on Dec 6, 2019 1:06:51 PM
History brims with facts, figures, and fiction that in one way or another speak of an ideal way to live. Through the ages, someone or the other claim to have cracked the lifestyle dogma. Some focus on the mental state, some on diet, and others on myriad aspects of living. It is impossible to precisely identify specific aspects that uplift one’s life, especially due to the fact that life and its range of complications and pleasures change as years go by. Many tenets of living from yesteryears may not even make sense in the context of today. That said, some of this wisdom holds water as well today as it did on the day it was thought up.

Contemporary life brings to us equal parts of conveniences and conundrums. For every comfort and luxury prepare to experience an instance of turmoil and complexity that brings modern life into a state of cruel equilibrium. With teachings of the past ages, we can hope to navigate through these unannounced vicissitudes of life to create a life worth living. Every piece of human knowledge holds vital truths that in some shape or form apply to different stages of time. Today, we can find great solace in everyday life through the timeless Vedas.

The Vedas are a profound collection of scriptures that speak of every facet of life and the optimal way to act through them. Within them lie many answers that can greatly aid us to traverse the mires of existence. For instance, Purnatva (the philosophy of completeness) propounds the importance of attaining fulfilment by striking the right balance in the most vital areas of one’s life. Another spiritual principle states that one can only find true fulfilment when one has control over one’s emotions.

Ancient wisdom is boundless and exists to ease the burdens of its future generations. The contemporary world is an endless ocean of distractions in the hope of finding respite from monotony or daily troubles. We spend time on these trivial pursuits and lament the lack of time to engage in those activities that may actually bring us peace and solace. For every endeavour, be it work, play, study, or relationships, we needn’t look anywhere but in the past for answers. If we succeed in bridging the chasm between the learnings of the past and the actions of the present, our journey to fulfilment in modern times ceases to be a just another fantasy.

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