Ancient Wisdom Applied To Modern Lifestyles

Posted by Svasa Author on Jun 6, 2019 2:33:12 PM
With the dawn of the twentieth century, human civilization has witnessed an unprecedented proliferation of means and mechanisms that make life better. Microwaves. Smart phones. Drones. Faster cars. Faster elevators. Wearable tech. The list is endless. Our dependence on technology has reached such heights that there is now a proposed clinical term for the panic that sets in when one is not in contact with their cellular phone: Nomophobia.

However, upon closer observation it becomes obvious that we are far from the utopian life we have always secretly wished for, one replete with happiness, health, and absolute fulfilment. Although uber luxury lifestyles bring us superficial comfort and ease, they take us away from ourselves by making us dependent on things we grew up without.

Advancement in technology isn’t as detrimental as we think, as long as we are grounded in ourselves, know what we want from life, and give modernity the place it deserves. Many think modernity is a consequence of human evolution, but let it be known that past civilizations in the history of mankind had achieved feats far greater than the modern civilization.

From world-changing discoveries and inventions to laying down guidelines for perfect living, the Vedic civilization still baffles the world’s best minds.

Modern lifestyles give rise to conditions that disconnect us from our higher nature. Our endless pursuits involving time and energy make lives full but not ultimately fulfilling. According to the Vedas there exists a way of life preserved in ancient wisdom. A form of living that invokes profoundness, completeness, and true meaning. To actualize the attainment of life’s greater purposes, these ancient philosophies revived from lost Vedic lore are making a comeback in luxurious residential communities.

Concepts such as courtyard home design, Vedic groves, an impactfully serving community, Vaastu Shastra, and more such principles extracted from ancient wisdoms bring you elevated dimensions of productivity and fulfillment. Designed for impact makers and their families, it’s time to discover an uplifted way of living through these exalting features buried under contemporary lifestyles and habits. Like they say, history repeats itself. It’s probably for the good.

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