Svasa Homes

Born of an epiphanic inspiration, Svasa Homes is a concept of living that enables attainment of life’s higher meaning. Extracted from ancient wisdoms, these immortal principles bring you elevated dimensions of productivity and fulfillment. Designed for impact makers and their families, discover an uplifted way of living through these exalting features.

Live among exemplary individuals whose accomplishments inspire awe. Be one with a community whose residents have been handpicked for each other. Sharing a common mindset ensures the community collectively helps each other grow, collaborate, and prosper.

Everything found outside is also found within. Explore finer meanings of luxury. Relish conveniences generally available outside residential premises brought to you exclusively within Svasa Homes.

Immerse in pursuits that matter to you most by delegating a range of tasks to professionals within Svasa Homes. Fulfill your big ideas while your tasks get completed with the highest levels of expertise, earning you invaluable time and energy.

Be part of a collective that makes the world a better place. Explore an environment nurturing the right conditions to harness improvements through philanthropic initiatives of immense social relevance for the greater good.

Reawaken your essence by going back to your roots. Appreciate the historic relevance of culture and lost stories of ancient times. Svasa Homes is designed to inspire your reunion with heritage and its deepest implications.

Machani Group
With a rich heritage of nearly 80 years, Machani Group is among India’s most revered family businesses inspired by Machani Somappa, one of the first Padma Shri recipients for his historic contributions to society. Rooted in unwavering values, the Group’s endeavours range from manufacturing and technology to design, philanthropy, and real estate. Steeped in the tradition of Technology, Engineering, and Design practiced as sacred living truths, these three principles are deeply ingrained in every venture. Building the economy while helping others has been the guiding principle of Machani legacy. The Group’s innate dedication towards the greater good, incessant innovation, and exemplary leadership forms the bedrock on which its legacy stands.


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How running a family business has changed over time

Over 90 per cent of businesses in India are run by families. This is significantly higher than the global average, which rests at 80 per cent. At this scale, you can imagine that family businesses impact nearly every walk of life.
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Workshop on ‘100-year-old secrets of family business triumph’

Not all family businesses ensure a long-lasting legacy as most tend to falter in their 2nd or 3rd generation. Learn the secret values that helped family enterprises thrive for centuries in an insightful workshop with a highly-acclaimed expert in the field of family business.
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The secret to winning in a negotiation is collaboration says pulitzer prize winning author

Stuart Diamond, an American Pulitzer prize-winning author, journalist, professor, attorney and entrepreneur, has been a pioneer in the art of negotiation for more than 20 years.Diamond's widely acclaimed book on negotiation, Getting More, was a 2011 New York Times best-seller.
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Makeover magic: Family-owned companies outsource coaches to revamp business model

BENGALURU: With no formal education in business management, Sachin Agarwal, 35, had worked hard alongside his father and elder brother in the family’s battery distribution company in Bengaluru. The 30-year-old business was being traditionally run like a shop.
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